2018 Annual Meeting of the Congregation Warrant


Notice is hereby given of the Congregational Annual Meeting of members to be held in Alliance Hall starting at 12 noon on Sunday, June 3, 2018.

Families welcome! Light Lunch & Beverage. Childcare provided. The purpose of the Meeting is as follows: 1. Receive annual reports from the Senior Minister, President, Treasurer, Minister of Faith Formation, Standing Committee Directors and both Trusts.
2. Approve the minutes the May 21, 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting;
3. Hear brief reports on First Parish of Sherborn Trust, Fossil Fuel Divestment, Report on UU Community Cooperative investment, Cell Tower update and Dream II Campaign Projects (Pew Cushions and Outdoor Sanctuary);
4. Vote to accept new set of By-Laws for the Church;
5. Elect Officers, Directors, Trustees, Lay Leadership Development Committee members, Assistant Treasurer and Moderator;
6. Celebrate Leaders and Chairs of all Committees, Teams and Working Groups;
7. Adopt a Fiscal Year 2019 Budget; discussion on future congregational challenge to support Mission and Programs, in concert with long-range planning for building maintenance, while adopting a balanced budget.
8. Transact any other business deemed necessary by a two-thirds (2⁄3 ) vote of those voting members present; and
9. Express our gratitude to outgoing leaders.

2018 Annual Report

Proposed Bylaws

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