Introduction to the UUAC


Rev. Nathan explains the limits of God as shield.

Our UUAC & U classes are a series of independent units designed to help you find your way in our community. Each class is roughly an hour long and the series repeats throughout the year. We encourage you to attend as you are able.

  •  Q & A with the minsters
  • UU history
  • Tour and history of our church and meeting rooms
  • Lifespan Faith Formation classes
  • Service and Justice Ministries
  • Lay Pastoral and Caring Ministries
  • Worship and Liturgy
  • Membership

These classes run every other week, directly following the service. The classes are free standing and newcomers are encouraged to drop in as they are able.

Childcare is Available!


If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism, we offer a course called “Roots.” This course is a class on our Free Church Tradition and Unitarian Universalism. Reverend Nathan Detering leads the class in exploring the differences between orthodox and liberal ways in religion; why doubt, skepticism, and free inquiry are prized tools in religion; and how seeking, searching, questing, and questioning form the core of who we are as a people of faith. It is hoped that participants will also learn more about themselves and what they value, as well as meet and learn about other newcomers who are on the same pilgrimage of self-discovery.

Contact Us

If you have any questions either before or after you visit us, or if you would like to sign up for Roots, please contact our Membership and Communications Coordinator, Darrah Bryans, at or through the church office at (508) 653-1422. We look forward to meeting you!