To reduce prisoner recidivism through education and civic engagement.

How It Works:
Prison ministry at UUAC is coordinated through the faith-based, non-profit organization, Partakers, Inc. The vision of Partakers includes a commitment to advancing restorative justice, and the healing transformation of both prisoners and society.

Partakers volunteers act as educational mentors to men and women participants of the College Behind Bars program, a program that exists to support prisoners enrolled in the Boston University Prison Education Program. Volunteers work in teams to support an incarcerated student in a number of ways, including regular through visits, written correspondence, research, and advising. The team of volunteers works with one student throughout his or her college career until the student either graduates or is released.

In addition, Partakers, Inc. strives to educate its volunteers about the criminal justice system from the inmate’s perspective in an effort to build and foster cohesion and understanding between the incarcerated and free communities.

UU Principles:

The inherent worth and dignity of every person
Justice, equity and compassion in human relations

Each Partakers team maintains its own visiting schedule. The full group of volunteers meets once a year to compare progress and share in celebrations and challenges.

There are approximately 6 people on a team. New teams are formed in response to the level of interest from the community. UUAC currently includes four teams. Teams members typically visit the prison in pairs, and each individual may average about six visits per year.

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