To provide nourishing meals to anyone who needs them every three months at the Salvation Army in Framingham located at the United Way’s Pearl Street Cafe on Park Street.

How It Works:

Members and friends arrive at 5:15 for a brief orientation. Setup and meal service is from 5:15 – 7pm.

UU Principles:

Speak out for Children ­ 1996 General Resolution – Therefore be it resolved that the Unitarian Universalist Association shall act and urge its affiliates, member societies, and individual Unitarian Universalists to: support children in their rights to adequate food..

Ending Hunger ­ 1987 General Resolution – Be it further resolved: That Unitarian Universalists work with organizations on local, state, provincial, national, and international levels toward the establishment of programs that hasten the elimination of hunger in both the short and long term . . .


The UU Area Church shares the fourth Wednesday of each month with the two other Sherborn churches. Therefore, we are responsible for serving one dinner every three months.


Anyone can participate. Volunteers are needed to set up and serve dinner, followed by clean up. Families with children 8 and older are encouraged to participate together.


Please RSVP to Joan Hunter-Brody. UUAC needs 14 volunteers to fully staff each meal. Volunteers who have never participated need to arrive in time for a brief orientation at 5:15. Meals are served promptly at 6pm, followed by cleanup. Volunteers are finished by 7pm.

Contacts:  SalvationArmy@uuac.org