What size should the quilts be?

Since children come in all sizes from infant to full-grown teenagers, quilts for Project Linus may come in any size.

Women undergoing chemotherapy will drape their quilt across their lap during treatment or while resting at home. Women’s quilts should be lap size which is 42″ x 54″ give or take 6″.

Do I have to use the “Comfort by the Nines” pattern?

No. The pattern is there for your convenience should you want to use it. It is one of the patterns used at all Quilt-a-thons. You may create a quilt of any design that you want. You may even use cheater fabric.

What fabric should I use?

Whether you choose to make a quilt for a child or a woman with cancer imagine the recipient as you choose your fabric. What would bring comfort and a smile to that patient? Chemotherapy quilts MUST be backed with flannel. This is because the skin is hypersensitive during chemotherapy. Project Linus quilts do NOT have to be backed with flannel, but they can be if you would like to.

Are there any requirements for finishing the quilts?

The quilts must be tied or quilted sufficiently to withstand machine washing. Do the finishing method that you are most comfortable with. You may make your own bias binding or use purchased bias binding to bind the quilt.

When are the quilts due?

Quilts are due as you finish them. Our goal of completing at least 100 quilts each year is based on a fiscal year running from June 1st to May 31st of the following year.

Where do the charity quilts go?

The quilts are distributed to women undergoing chemotherapy and children in need of comfort. Children’s quilts are handed out by the Norfolk/Bristol County representative for Project Linus. Women’s quilts are gifted by special request through Gwyned Trefethen and via the social worker at the Cancer Treatment Center at MetroWest Hospital’s Framingham Union Campus.