Yarn Spinners - UUACIn February 2011 several UUAC knitters, crocheters, and quilters gathered to talk about how our love of these crafts could benefit others and enrich our lives in the doing. And so Yarn Spinners was formed.

Yarn Spinners gathers the first Monday of each month in the church library for knitting and, yes, the spinning of yarns, the telling of the stories that make up our lives.

We knit for Project Linus, a national organization that distributes hand-knit blankets to infants and children who are hospitalized or otherwise in need of the warm embrace of a hand-crafted blanket.

The Boston area chapter of Project Linus has distributed about 35,000 blankets in the last several years, mostly in New England, but also in New Orleans after the levies failed in 2005. To date (October 2011), Yarn Spinners has donated about 35 blankets and 50 baby caps to Project Linus.

Over time we have met parents whose children have received Project Linus blankets. Their stories are so moving. One woman told us of going into the preemie nursery where her 3-month-early twin boys were both in incubators, along with a number of other at-risk babies. Each incubator had a Project Linus blanket covering it, keeping the harsh overhead lights from the babies’ eyes, and lending an air of comfort and softness to that sterile, harsh environment. Those twin boys are now in their teens, healthy, and eagerly preparing for the world. When she sends them out into that world, they will go armed with their Project Linus blankets.

With a generous grant from our Social Action Committee plus other donations, we purchase materials from local yarn shops, which usually give us charitable discounts. If you would like to spin some yarns with us, if you would like more information, or if you would like to donate yarn or money, please contact Yarn Spinners.

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