Members of UUAC Sherborn participate in a “Jobs, Justice, and Climate” rally in Boston

Members of UUAC Sherborn participate in a “Jobs, Justice, and Climate” rally in Boston. Pictured (l-r): Larry Brody, Jan Galkowski, Joan Hunter-Brody, Dianna Vosburg, and Claire Galkowski


To cultivate reverence for, protection of, and equity in sharing the Living Earth, for current and future generations.

How It Works:

The Environmental Action Group embraces all aspects of environmental stewardship. Current activities include work to minimize waste and carbon emissions generated by our community, encouragement to members of our community to take similar steps at home, political action on environmental issues, and other aspects of environmental justice. We welcome your involvement in any component of this work that resonates with you:

    • Help us to minimize waste at church events – eg, run a few loads through the dishwasher rather than using paper products
    • Join our compost harvest – Spend an hour or two with a shovel and good company, about twice each year
    • Come learn with us – Attend a learning session about an issue in environmental protection or climate change
    • Political action – Make a phone call, write a letter, or join members of the EAG at a rally to encourage legislation for renewable energy or other issues in environmental protection. The EAG can keep you informed on issues that need your voice.
    • Engage our children – Help plan and execute a nature hike or field trip to engage and teach children about environmental issues.
    • Environmental Justice – We are exploring ways to support environmental justice. This might take the form of building a community garden in collaboration with a group that has limited resources, or advocating for environmental issues that have disproportionate effects on a group of people or species.

All are warmly welcomed to come to the monthly meetings of the Environmental Action Group. You can also participate in any of the above activities as you wish.

For more information, speak to any of the members of the EAG, or contact the team at

Outside church at compost bins

Compost Communion – The blessing of our new compost bins

Here are our picks for interesting and important information on environmental issues. This news changes constantly – check back often for the latest stories

Some excellent blogs:

  • Our own Jan Galkowski on climate change: Hypergeometric
  • David Suzuki on inspiring and practical approaches to green living: Queen of Green

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Jobs, Justice, Climate Rally – Boston 12/12/2016