Faith Development is a lifelong journey – what we believe at 5 is not the same at 50. Here at the UU Area Church we have many opportunities to explore how our faith journeys and our world intersect. Our lifespan Faith Development for Adults aims to help us on our ongoing path of insight and learning.

We offer many ways for you to get connected to our church community through educational programs, social action, covenant groups, special events and much more. Whatever your interests, you are likely to find others within our community who share them.

We offer ongoing programs like our Book Discussion Group, Circle of Elders and Senior Men’s Group, New At Being Old (for women 65-75), Moms Group, Covenant Groups, UUAC &U, which create deeper relationships and allow us to fully explore who we are and what we believe.

Our one-time and short-term classes and workshops change from year to year, but our overarching goal is to seek truth, expand our knowledge, and challenge our expectations.

New programs are added throughout the year. Please sign up for our weekly newsletter for information about classes are being offered. Please contact Darrah Bryans at to sign up for the newsletter.

Book Discussion Group

The book group meets monthly to discuss a current book over good food and in great company. Meetings are hosted by book group members. Watch the weekly email update – “This Week at UUAC” – for the next Book Discussion Group meeting date and book title. New participants are always welcome!

Covenant Groups

Covenant groups at UUAC provide an opportunity for spiritual connection with a small group of 6-10 people. More information here.

Building a Theology for the Everyday

These classes are offered usually once a year and cover a range of topics. Led by one of our Ministers, the classes guide us toward a deeper understanding of our Unitarian Universalist and personal theology and beliefs. Check our weekly email newsletter for details on upcoming classes.


Roots is a class on our Free Church Tradition and Unitarian Universalism. Reverend Nathan Detering leads the class in exploring the differences between orthodox and liberal ways in religion; why doubt, skepticism, and free inquiry are prized tools in religion; and how seeking, searching, questing, and questioning form the core of who we are as a people of faith. For more information, please contact Darrah Bryans at

Women’s Drumming Circle

Women's Drumming Circle - UUACMany women from UUAC take part in the Women’s African Drumming Circle led my Marytha Paffrath. Marytha offers beginners’ drumming classes and women can join the group for the new year (there is a fee for participating). West African rhythms are taught and played on djembes, and community blossoms within the sharing of music. At least once a year, the women share their powerful rhythms in a Sunday service at our church!

Marytha is the principal percussionist for Libana, the acclaimed world music ensemble whose memorable concerts convey a profound sense of hope, peace, celebration, and universal community. Marytha teaches children, teens and adults, and brings her engaging, humor-filled guidance to workshops coast to coast.

Please contact Marytha at for more information the Women’s Drumming Circle and available classes.


Every year, we escape to one of New England’s most beautiful and restful beaches for the annual Cape Cod Retreat. Families, singles, young and old choose between walks on the beach, reflection, biking, reading, and tennis. There is no pre-established program during the retreat, simply a chance to become more mindful and re-connect with ourselves. The retreat is an excellent opportunity to get to know other church members in a relaxed and beautiful setting. More information is available at the retreat page.