Why Teach Religious EducationThe RE Program at UUAC is a cooperative program that relies on parents and other adults to teach RE classes. We ask families with children in the RE program to contribute. In this way, we can all join together in a ministry that helps to guide our children in their spiritual journey as Unitarian Universalists.

When participating in the RE program, teachers engage in a soul-enriching, spiritual practice that serves a crucial part of our religious community. This participation can be a mutually rewarding experience, in which teachers and children explore Unitarian Universalism and their own beliefs and understandings together. Teaching enables adults to join children on a communal path to spiritual growth.

By teaching in the RE program, parents also convey to children the value of cooperation and commitment. Children will recognize the importance that parents attribute to the spiritual development and learning of all the children in the UUAC community. In this way, parents can share their values and beliefs as Unitarian Universalists. Teaching is also a time to contribute your own special skills and talents to the church community.

The Director of RE and the RE Committee strive to support all teachers with training, curricula, and materials. We are here to help you in your efforts, and we want to hear your feedback about your classroom experience so that we can continuously improve RE programs and experiences.

We are so very grateful to all of our dedicated teachers who continue to contribute their precious time, effort, and resources. Thank you to all, and we look forward to working with you!