As Unitarian Universalists our Principles call us to “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning” as well as “acceptance and encouragement of the spiritual growth in our congregation. Small Group Ministries foster connections within our congregation as we explore some of the “Big Questions” relating to faith, life, and spiritual growth.

Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are places where 6 to 12 people gather with a trained facilitator to practice our UU spirituality, or, in other words, to practice being the person(s) our faith calls us to be. The groups are intended to be spaces that allow for shared exploration, where members find safe space to nurture their own personal integrity and develop the courage to act on it.

In Covenant Groups, we cultivate a courage and willingness to engage with ourselves, and others, and to be ministers to ourselves and others. Participating in one of these groups may help us harness our personal power to transform ourselves and our communities.

Changing Gears with Grace

If you are literally unable to wrap your mind around the “preposterous number” that is your age, we have a group for you! Changing Gears with Grace is a group for women ages 65-75 that meets once a month to talk about some of the issues/feelings of this life phase. CGwG meets before the church service on the first Sunday of every month.

Book Club

Our Book Club meets on the first Friday of the month for a brief social time before diving into the book discussion. Books are chosen by the group and often reflect current events and cultural/social trends. All are welcome.

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