Heather Walker

Heather Walker bio pictureA native of Cleveland, Heather (she/her) came to Boston to attend college and earned both her B.A. in English and Women’s Studies and her M.A. in Children’s Literature from Simmons College.

In her years before children, she worked for a variety of nonprofits, including Simmons College, as the Coordinator of the Writing Tutoring Program, and Radcliffe College, where she worked for the Graduate Seminars and the Consortium for Women’s Studies.

When her oldest child was born, she left the world of paid employment to stay home and put her children’s literature degree to real-world use. After successfully seeing her youngest off to kindergarten in the fall of 2011, Heather has spent the last 5 years as the Parish Administrator for 2 Episcopal churches.

Heather lives in Natick with her wife, four children (all of whom attend UUAC), and their Boston Terrier, Mabel (who does not). In her very spare time, Heather loves to bake, drink coffee, and read mysteries.

Contact information is 508-653-1422 or uuac@uuac.org.