India WoodIndia Wood is UUAC’s Youth Group Coordinator and Zoom tech support. She is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist with cultural roots in Judaism, or as she likes to call herself a “JewU.” India grew up locally, attending Winchester Unitarian Society where she was an active member of their high school youth group.

Before she began working with UUAC, India studied and received a BA in psychology and education at Oberlin College. During her time at Oberlin, India volunteered and worked with a number of organizations as an educator, including with the local UU fellowship for their high school Our Whole Lives programing. She also developed curriculum and facilitated workshops for incoming students on consent, sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention.

India began her work with UU youth at UU Rowe Camp in the summer of 2014 as a camp counselor and has been working with young people ever since. When she’s not at UUAC, India spends her time working as a health and wellness educator, organizing for climate justice, and advocating for young people in other capacities.

With a background largely in education and wellness, India aims to create a trusting community in UUAC’s Senior Youth Group by facilitating impactful conversations about how we can create a more just world for ourselves and others.

Outside of work, India loves to spend time in nature, climb rocks, boulders, and walls, cook with her four housemates, practice yoga, and play games.

For more information on Senior Youth Group and High School Youth Programing, you can contact her at or 617-893-8906.

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