We asked that question to many people in our congregation, and here are a few of the answers we got back.

Why do YOU come to First Parish Sherborn?

Here are some longer reflections from congregants on why they belong to our community:

Why I attend church in a time when many choose not to
What led me and leads me still to seek out religious community when many choose not to
Why I am here – reflections from an atheist UU

…and here are some shorter ones:

faithI joined UUAC because I felt it was really important to have my child involved in a religious community. I also was yearning for a meaningful spiritual home where my beliefs and values would be supported.

  • shared values, spiritual and otherwise
  • feeling of being accepted
  • a community of people with whom I can genuinely connect
  • ministers who are both inspiring and down to earth
  • an excellent Faith Formation program
  • many valuable programs and ways to become involved

loveThe philosophy of this church …of promoting love and respect and kindness towards others and towards our earth and all beings therein is so simple an idea yet so complex and deep a practice that often sadly gets sidestepped in religious talk and practice in our world but not at this church…it is always simply and clearly stated and put to practice in different works within the church during and after sermon.

joyI appreciate the deep sense of community that truly exists at this church. This church has so much to offer all attendees and members of all generations…there is opportunity for joining in multigenerational parties and events, social action participation, retreats and trips to help others in need like the Katrina hurricane victims needing assistance with housing, helping one another in the church, adult classes, youth groups, music events …there is so much available to all interested! The people who are the community are wonderful, caring, friendly and interesting people of all paths of life.

worshipI feel like I’ve finally found a place of worship that doesn’t create parameters around belief, background, sexual orientation or questioning our government in order to be accepted as part of the community. At UUAC I have learned what being non-judgmental truly means: no life is worth any more or any less than my own. I also feel that I have learned what it means to love and care for all people as children of God and therefore I celebrate who I am in the world as a child of God.

UUAC - SingingBeing a singer, I have always been happy to be part of the great music tradition here at this church – I have sung with some great choir directors/organists over the years doing difficult and wonderful music despite our small choir numbers. I also find UUAC a special quiet (“holy”?) place where I can meditate and explore spirituality. I also enjoy the stimulating, thought provoking sermons.

Love - UUACWe were not looking for a church or any religious community/congregation. The first visit hooked us. This community is very open and welcoming. All of us, my wife and me, as well as our then 12 year old son, felt very comfortable and were welcomed by many people. It felt as if we had found home – at least from a spiritual point of view. We stay because of the growth we have made, the friendships established, the words and guidance from Nathan and other leaders.

I come to UUAC to be part of a spiritual community that reminds me and gives me the opportunity to live more fully in the world through music, service and inspiration provided by the minister and fellow parishioners.

I come to church because it is a spiritual health club — it cleans, refreshes and repairs my spirit.

Need for meaning
Make a difference in the community and the world
Inspiration to keep going when things are tough
Sense of community (a great big family)

To think, to pray, to listen, to be connected, to remember, to share, to be a part of something bigger than me. 

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