First Parish Church - Sherborn, MAEnvironmental awareness has been a key part of our congregational life at UUAC Sherborn for a long time. Recently, our church has begun to explore certification as a Green Sanctuary by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

This program is an offshoot off the Seventh Principle Project, a UUA-affiliated environmental organization that dates back 25 years and reflects the seventh principle of our religion: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

So what does it mean to become a Green Sanctuary? Quite simply, it will confirm our longstanding commitment to respect and cherish our living Earth, words that we repeat during worship every week. But the process of becoming a Green Sanctuary will require some introspection from all of our members and friends. We need to assess the environmental issues that mean the most to us collectively and gauge the level of participation and support that we are willing to provide. At this stage, we ask that you please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire to help us with that important assessment.

Green Sanctuary Survey

Once we have established our congregation’s goals and interests, we will set up a broader team to help us determine our action plan. Specifically, we will decide on our environmental justice focus and look at ways to incorporate this theme into our worship, religious education and daily practice. If you want to look at the formal steps in the process of becoming a Green Sanctuary, please click here: Steps In The Green Sanctuary Process

In the words of UUA, “The Green Sanctuary program offers a way to join our efforts, both symbolically and explicitly, with thousands of other Unitarian Universalists in congregations across the country. Green Sanctuary is designed to help congregations [like ours] develop and work toward a vision of healthier, more sustainable future.”

We look forward to hearing about your ideas, goals and dreams for that kind of future at UUAC Sherborn.