Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: Why do we exist?
The Women’s Alliance of the UUAC affirms and nourishes the diverse spiritual, emotional and personal aspirations of the women in our community and is committed to the Unitarian Universalist Principles.

Vision: What is our impact?
We support women as we grow, especially in controlling our lives and claiming our rights, enabling us to effect change for women locally and globally.

Values: What do we believe in?
Our core values include dignity and respect, equality and equity, inclusiveness, integrity, safety, solidarity, transparency and are consistent with feminist* values.

We value:

Women’s voices because they are vital to our world,
The unique perspective that women bring to society,
Women’s power to effect lasting change in governance, social, political, legal and economic spheres,
The importance of contributing financially to the UUAC,
The strong foundation laid by the Women’s Alliances of the Natick Unitarian Church and First Parish in Sherborn upon which we build.
*Feminist: Advocating social, political, legal and economic rights for women equal to men.

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