We, the Caring Ministries at UUAC, share a covenant with our congregation to:

  • Help one another during times of emotional, spiritual or physical need
  • Share our loving faith during times of joy as well as sorrow
  • Support and affirm each other’s dignity and worth during life-altering challenges
  • Offer connection, so that no person need struggle alone

Community Care Team

In the time of COVID, our Community Care Team has been tasked with checking in on each member of our congregation. For many the necessary physical distancing has led to social isolation, for others it has increased the burden of balancing work and home life, for all of us it has increased our levels of anxiety and stress. The CCT provides a listening ear and human connection.

To contact the Community Care Team please email Intern@uuac.org.

Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides short-term, physical help to individuals and families within our congregation who are in need. While we cannot offer emergency or ongoing services, we can offer our collective love through support with:

  • meals
  • rides for medical appointments, transportation to church events
  • check-ins for those who feel isolated
  • cards for celebrations as well as hardships, and help to organize resources during times of crisis

Because it is sometimes difficult to ask for help, the Caring Committee relies upon our entire congregation to identify and communicate the needs of our parishioners. We work with our Ministers and Lay Pastoral Care Ministers, in confidence, to coordinate care.

To contact the Caring Committee email Caring@uuac.org.