Rebuilding New Orleans Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Barbara Allen and Randy Robinson
Donna Allen
Nancy and Jeff Barton
Barbara Brockmeyer
Darrah and Darryl Bryans
Alan Cantor
George Clattenburg
Craig and Rich Cohen
Terry Combs
Kathy Copplestone
Cris Crawford
Roger and Sally Demler
Rev. Nathan Detering
Gail Donaldson and Marty Nickerson
Brian Frechette
Maureen and Peter Gormley
Dave Hatton
Molly Howes
Janie and Brian Howland
Laura Jensen
Don Keiser
Polly Leland-Mayer
Nancy Levy
Pat and Dwight Manley
Cheryl Perreault
Hank Rauch
Carol Sakala
Chris Schell
Maria Solomao-Schmidt and Doug Schmidt
Becky Sheble-Hall and Rory Sheble-Hall
Pam Teibel
Jon Treon
Jillian Vorce
Tom Vorce
Dennis Woessner


Youth Volunteers

Lauren Ainsworth
Tyler Apesche
Meg Barton
Halley Barton
Devin Brewer
Luke Detwiler
Kendall Klein
Ben LaGros
Abbey Perreault
Jonah Sakala
Jennifer Stevens
Lauren Ainsworth
Mersina Angell
Robert Angell
Meg Barton
Greg Cantor
Jason Cohen
Jesse Combs
Luke Detwiler
Jonah Sakala
Jennifer Stevens
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