Rebuilding Our Communities – Nov. 9


Monday, November 9

Today we were up and at the job-site by 8 am. In some ways today felt like two steps forward and one step back. We began the day by pulling down and replacing the damaged insulation and drywall in the ceilings.

The kitchen was fully cleaned out, cupboard doors and shelves removed and washed down with bleach. A garbage disposal was installed, washer/dryer and stove tested, bathroom cleaned and prepped for paint, washed windows, and removed vinyl flooring in the kitchen.

It felt like great strides forward from a damaged home that it was hard to imagine could ever be livable to a glimmer of a possibility that we could make a difference here.

Damaged CeilingIn the afternoon, Rev. Heather arrived to help us this week with our community rebuilding work. She was just in time to clean out damaged, moldy and rotted goods – a flashback to yesterday. The attic, as in most houses, was used for storage. All these things: bikes, clothes, pictures, Christmas decorations, bed linens, etc., needed to be brought down and sorted. Dirty, depressing, exhausting work.

After filling the dumpster to overflowing, we laid out a tarp to put overflow of items to throw out on. The project ended when Terry uncovered a fire ant nest, raining fire ants down on Lori and Barb.

While many of us were helping Terry clear out the attic, others were digging footings for a handicap ramp we will be building this week.

The true grace of today was that the homeowner spent time with us again this afternoon. She brought us donuts and spent time helping us sort through her things and sharing her memories.

At check-in this evening, we asked Terry what his hope for the week is. The hope is to have the home ready for the homeowners to move in. Our frequent mantra on the job site is progress, not perfection. We will do what we can to make the house move-in condition: ceiling and walls repaired and painted, floor sealed (painted), electrical fixtures replaced and repaired.  Hopefully, we will have time and resources to add laminate flooring and possibly replace some appliances.

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