We Await: An Advent Prayer

Come, God incarnate,

Show up in humans when we need a little kindness.

Show up in human institutions when we need a little mercy.

Show up in the human world around us when we need a little hope.

Show up in our own broken human hearts when we need to forgive ourselves.

Show up in the form of brand new human babies, who remind us of deep peace and a new day dawning.

Show up in the streets and in the courtrooms and boardrooms and in shelters and in all countries where violence reigns and hope is dim,

Show up on the television and in the smartphones we gaze at all day, on the radio, in the hospital rooms.

Bring with you faith, hope and love.

But most of all, bring love.

We await. We await. Even when our patience is thin and our faith is dying, we await.


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