Do you know of a charity or program that is doing something to serve a global or local need? Does the organization support the principles and values of Unitarian Universalism and/or our church community? Then nominate it for the UUAC First Parish Sherborn “Share the Plate” program.

Each week we share our online and in-person collection with Share the Plate. By giving these funds to a worthy cause beyond our own walls, we’re extending our reach to the surrounding community and sharing our resources with those most in need.

How the Process Works

Members can propose candidates for consideration by submitting the form below. All fields must be completed to submit the form. The Share the Plate Team will review all candidates, and will have final say on the committee’s choices. Factor such monthly worship theme, current events, similarity to other organizations, and when the plate was last shared with a particular organization will be considered in making the final decisions.

Special consideration will be given to charities that are willing to send a representative or volunteer to our service, preferable on the Sunday on which the collection will be taken, to tell a brief story about the organization and what it does.

  • Guidelines
    1. All requests should reflect the principles of Unitarian Universalism.
    2. The majority of funding should be used to support local community needs but be flexible enough to respond to crises both at home and abroad.
    3. Some examples of possible beneficiaries include health-related ministries, human welfare (food banks, homeless shelters, seniors, children) and human rights.
    4. No funds will be allocated to political candidates or other individuals. If you know an individual or family in need, please consider the Ministers' Discretionary Fund as a possible avenue for assistance.
    5. The organization must be a 501(c)(3).
  • Your Information:

  • The Organization's Information:

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