In the summers from mid-June to the beginning of September we here at UUAC switch gears to a more relaxed worship and fellowship. Worship will be led by lay leaders within our congregation and outside minsters.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, we will continue our summer services schedule in our online platform. We have created a schedule that is a blend of lay-led and minister-led services. Please see below for the schedule of who will be leading our worship services.

Services begin at 10:30 and will be held via Zoom. Please use this link to join our online worship services:

July 5:  Tim Roper

July 12:  Gary Strichartz – Most of our day is “actively occupied” in going somewhere, doing something. What would it be like to actively do nothing? To insert a pause between our steps along the path. Would we realize our being differently if we took time between the inhale and the exhale of every breath?  This Sunday we’ll take a pause, together, to reflect on pausing.  Ahhhh.

July 19: Katherine McHugh – At the Threshold- What Celtic Spirituality Can Teach Us Today. Right now, we are all living in profoundly liminal spaces, in almost every domain of life.  A liminal space simply means where we’ve left something behind, but we’re not fully in something else yet. It’s a threshold. The Celts embraced these times of ‘in between’ as necessary. They knew the danger of clinging to prescribed ways of being in the world.  We can no longer be who we once were. While disorienting, there is power in unrealized possibilities. The sacred is alive in being present and bearing here. Come (July 19th at 10:30 am) and experience the Celtic tradition of actively waiting.

July 26: Alan Cantor – 

August 2: Matt Meyer

August 9: Rev. Laura Randall

August 16: Jud Wolfskil

August 23: Rev. Nathan Detering

August 30: Rev. Becky Sheble-Hall

September 6: Anne Lafleur and Darrah Bryans

To find out more about summer worship services or to lead one, please contact the Worship Associates Chair.