Darrah Bryans

Darrah Bryans

Darrah (she/her) holds a MA in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute for International Studies. She also graduated from Doemens Fachakademie, the oldest private brewing school in Germany, with a degree in Production Management. Darrah is also a certified Brewmaster and Maltmaster. None of which qualify her as a Communications Coordinator, but look good on her resume and were a lot of fun to earn.

Darrah and her husband first came to UUAC Sherborn with their two children on a church-shopping expedition. They expected to try it out and move on to see what was happening elsewhere; instead the warmth of the community and the dynamism of Nathan’s sermons kept them coming back. Many years later they are members of UUAC Sherborn and have found their spiritual and religious home.

When not working for the church Darrah is working to earn her Divinity from Boston University School of Theology. She is also an avid baker who burdens friends and neighbors alike with a steady supply of baked goods.

For more information on Communications you can contact her at Communications@uuac.org or 508.653.1422.

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