Jason McLin

Jason McLin (he/him/his) is originally from Indianapolis, IN. He moved to Chicago, IL, to attend the Theater School at DePaul University. Chicago quickly became, and still is, a place he calls home. Not long after graduating from the Theater School in 1999 with a BFA, Jason was cast as a Blue Man in the show Blue Man Group. He has been a part of the Boston show for the past ten years. Performing in Blue Man has been an integral part of his discernment toward ministry. Blue Man embodies deep relationality which Jason believes to be at the heart of church.

Ultimately, how we as a people connect and meaning-make amid the ever increasing demands and subsequent pace of our present time, is a question he thinks on deeply.

Jason attended seminary at Boston University’s School of Theology, graduating Cum Laude in May 2021. He enjoyed his time in the classroom immensely–the papers…not so much. A few passions discovered while attending STH were process theology, pastoral care, and philosophical phenomenology. Jason is absolutely thrilled to be the ministerial intern at UUAC. He brings with him a playful curiosity, and an insatiable love of learning.

He lives in Watertown with his wife, Sophia; daughters, Olive and Poppy; Duchess the cat; and rabbits, Pumpkin and Willow. There you may also find him typing on his typewriter by candlelight, winding his desk clock, and wishing there were no computers, only carrier pigeons.

Jason can be reached at Intern@uuac.org