The Board of Directors (the Board) is the elected governing body of the Church. The Board is comprised of the Officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Clerk, and the Directors: Finance, Personnel, Building and Grounds, and Director(s)-at-Large. The Minister(s) and the Immediate Past President are ex-officio and non-voting members of the Board.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Setting the strategic and operational goals of the Church;
  • Conducting/approving Church business transactions, acting on behalf of the Church;
  • Approving a fiscal year budget, developed by the Finance Committee, and submitted for vote by the Congregation at the Annual Church Meeting;
  • Approving the employment of paid Church staff, except for the called Minister(s);
  • Appointing special committees where needed to advise and assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities, in conjunction with the Minister(s).

Alison Murchison, President
Abby Marschke, Vice President
Maria Kempner, Clerk
Kevin Pawl, Finance Committee Chair
Peter Gormley, Treasurer
Lucia Frenkel, Personnel
Bill Churchill, Building and Grounds Chair
Tasker Smith, At-Large
Natasha Marcuard, At-Large

Other leadership and governance offices:

Mike Zarin, Assistant Treasurer
Doug Brown, Moderator
Mike Webb, Chair, UUAC Trust
Doug Brown, Chair, First Parish at Sherborn Trust
Abby Marschke, Chair, Lay Leadership Development Team